Monday, December 8, 2014


do I just throw caution into the wind and trust him?  

my heart wants to, but my head remembers when I threatened to swallow 30+ morphine tablets(which I did, and he knew this) and he chose to stay at work for another hour or so and not rush home.   

how important can I really be if he sits at work knowing I'm potentially taking my life, and yet he sits at work and does nothing.  

this is what goes thru my mind every time he says let's move forward, and put the past behind us and move on.   

I'm not sure I can forget something like that.   how can someone feel so callously indifferent about a person one day, and then profess their love to them the next?  

was everything he said to hurt me a lie?  I find that hard to believe.  

I wish I knew the truth, but I don't think I ever will, and can I move on with him without knowing all the answers?


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