Friday, November 28, 2014

I can't let it go...

did you or did you not say that from the VERY BEGINNING, that the separation was supposed to be temporary?  you said we simply needed space?  you kept telling me how I felt.   

isn't that what you said? 
(words words words...)

of course this is before I found out 7-8 months ago how you made sure your mother's china made it safely to your apartment.
because, it made me realize that, you NEVER saw the separation as temporary.  if you had you wouldn't have been so fucking worried about the god damn china you didn't give a shit about for 26 years.    

but you keep telling me, you want this marriage to work.  
words words words....

and yet your actions were that you told your mother our relationship was long over before we even moved into separate apartments. 

that doesn't sound like someone who's going into the separation with the mind set that it's temporary.   

when your brother called and told you not to worry there's light at the end of your (very dark) tunnel, that his divorce was difficult as well, but chin up....

sounds like you'd already made up your mind.  

why should I believe anything you say now?

...and why can't I just let it go?

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