Thursday, November 13, 2014


came home at lunchtime today.  it's good to finally be home.  

I start an outpatient program next week.  not sure how I feel about that yet, but I'm keeping an open mind. 

thank you for all the support, loving messages and emails.  most of you, have read me for years, and commented or emailed me, I feel like I know you.  thank you for your love and compassion.  

it truly saddened me to see some of the people in there, especially this one girl who couldn't be more than 23 years old. 

she was so sad, so defeated, felt so unloved and worthless.  and even at what I thought was 300 pds, she's beautiful, just this kind hearted little baby girl who wants to color with crayons.  

all she really needs is a strong Daddy to love and guide her and teach her how to love herself and see herself as she is:  a beautiful girl.  

and she's not going to get that there at the hospital.  and over the two and a half days I just saw her sinking.  breaks my heart. 

there's a whole other world out there of people just like her and Daddies who would love and cherish her....unfortunately I'm sure she doesn't know about the bdsm world and it's kinks.  or age play, etc.  

all I can do, is put some good thoughts out into the universe for her, and hope she finds her way before it's too late. 

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