Monday, October 27, 2014

a little bit more...

every day I find out a little bit more.  

a lie he told...
a truth he neglected to mention...

on Friday he said he wanted to work things out, wanted to go to marriage counselling.  

I'm not sure why he wants this though. 

over the weekend, I sent 2 texts, each were ignored...not just ignored but he turned off his phone immediately after these texts were received.  as if somehow, he could pretend he never received them.  isn't that right? 

that doesn't sound like someone who wants to "work on our marriage".  

my gut feeling is, he doesn't really want to work on the marriage.  he's just trying to placate me(for the next two years?) till our youngest leaves for college.  

then I don't think he'll even bother, not that he's really bothering now.  

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