Thursday, July 4, 2013

girl's road trip

The youngest monkey and I left yesterday morning for a month long road trip.  

I needed time away and she turns 15 at the end of the month, what better time to take to the road? 

Seven hours in the car yesterday and my butt is really sore!  
Loving the time with her, she's turning into this incredible young adult.  

I just turned to her at one point when she was singing to Paul Simon's Graceland album and told her I thought she was a cool kid.   

She smiled.  

She is seriously a cool chick. 


Ethan Lambert said...

How freaking awesome! You're such a fun mom.

Are we talking a month at a destination, or a month of wandering the open road?

monkey girl said...

a month out on the road, just letting the car figure it out. We'll be visiting family and friends here and there but really there's no plan. ;)