Thursday, May 16, 2013

Discrimination based on sexual orientation.

I wrote a post last month about my daughter's sexual orientation.  And yet, really the post was more about how proud I was that she was/is so comfortable in her own skin at such a young age to talk about it with me.  Me, her mom of all people.  

I never would have discussed that with my mother....cold chills are running down my spine just thinking of that that.  Ick. 

Yet, I knew I wanted to be the kind of mother/parent that my kids could come to....and I am.  Nothing is too taboo to talk about in our family. 
I'm proud of that. 

So when I got/get some flack from a commentor(s), I'm never really surprised but I'm sometimes a bit confused. 

He(a commentor) wrote what a bad influence I am for my deviant daughter(eye roll).  Now here's where my confusion comes blog this last year or so has pretty graphically described my sex life with my Husband and our other sexual kinks.  This religious nut didn't seem to mind those posts.  But write about how I'm proud of my bisexual daughter and now I'm a heathen for christs sake.  Talk about a hypocrite. 

As per required of every religious zealot, he took it further saying there is nothing stopping people(like her) from having sex with kids and/or animals, etc.... This mainstay of their argument is always brought up as a red herring, to ignore the real truth.  They are bigots...and use their religion to hide behind their bigotry. 

All this is done to hide the fact that they are openly discriminating against a group of people based on their sexual orientation....and nothing else.   Perhaps out of fear?  I don't know.  

I'd have a little more respect for these people if they were just honest in their discrimination. 

Any religion that decries against it...should be brought under severe scrutiny.  As I've told my daughter, any religion that tells you that loving another person is should be suscipious of their motivations.  Loving someone is never wrong.  

It's just that simple.  


CuriousRob said...

I've always wondered why some people so staunchly defend their religion, whichever it is, saying "My savior didn't say anything specifically about homosexuality." But when you look at their religion as a whole, of course it says homosexuality is a sin.

I'm glad that more people, regardless of their religion, are accepting of the various lifestyles that are between consenting adults and harm nobody. I just wonder why they cling to a religion that teaches them to hate others because they're different from themselves.

monkey girl said...

Aww Rob, my faithful reader!! ;). I don't know why people hang on to their hate the way they do. To me it seems so much easier to love. Even tho the bible says clearly not to judge....I've never seen a religion that doesn't. People can be such hypocrites it's stunning. It's why I loathe organised religion.

I always like to see/read your comment!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I congratulate you for accepting the sexual orientation of your daughter and supporting her.

I suggest that you ignore religious zealots. I do not want to spend the energy ranting about them.

"Loving someone is never wrong." I agree and I would add that the love you have for your daughter is inspiring.


monkey girl said...

Thank you for the sweet comment. You're right, I should ignore them and not waste the enery. ;)

CuriousRob said...

I try to ignore the religious zealots as well, but sometimes that's exactly the wrong answer. When they bully others who don't act the way they want, and use positions of authority to try to force others to follow the tenants of their own narrow-minded beliefs, I feel it's simply time to stop ignoring them.

I have no problem with people who live their own lives in accordance with their beliefs. It's the ones who demand I participate that piss me off.

monkey girl said...

I think my reader meant to ignore their crap here on my blog, I could be wrong.
But you bring up a very good point...bullying, which I have zero tolerance for.
In that case, I could never ignore them. In RL or on the Internet. I just can't. I hate bullies with a passion, I always have.
When I was in the 4th grade we had a substitute teacher who was just a bitch and really a bully. One day she started picking on the shyest guy in the class. I have no idea what her deal was but clearly she was enjoying herself and he just sat there taking the abuse. I finally stood up(me, all of what 9 yrs old) and told her what she was doing was wrong. She just lost it and started screaming at me. Which was better than he bullying that poor kid. She sent me down to the principal's office...haha. They called my mother, who sat there and stood up for me. Loved it. She never subbed in our class again.
I'll always step in, no matter what, it's just in my nature.