Saturday, April 20, 2013

As if she was telling me she was ordering a blt sandwich, my youngest told me that she is bi-sexual yesterday.

I already knew, but smiled at her and suppressed my urge to do my happy dance right there in the restaurant.

You see...for her to BE and FEEL so comfortable that she could tell me so easily....that is like receiving the gold medal of parenting my friends.

She's only 14 years old but wise beyond her years.
She then expressed sympathy for a friend who is gay and doesn't feel she can come out to her parents. I empathised with her and offered her friend our home as a safe haven if needed. My lovebug had already told her friend our home(and her parents, us) would always be supportive. Aww, she knows us so well.

I know not everyone she meets in her life will be so excepting. However, I can only hope we've done our job as parents to give her that unconditional support so she'll have the strength to put up with the world's bullshit.

My baby is growing up. I look at her and I see so many possibilities for her. So much has changed since I was her age. She has so many positive role models in her life that are gay, straight, bi-sexual, etc.
She doesn't have to ever feel like she's alone. For this I am grateful.

It takes more than just two parents/people to raise your children these days.

To those friends and family that have been there since day one....

I love you and thank you.


Malcolm said...

That's so lovely, Monkey Girl. You have done really well.

monkey girl said...

aww, thank you Malcolm. ;)

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful mother! You have done such a good job! You should feel over the moo. That she was able to just tell you like t was not big deal. It is because of the wonderful community you have given her of close friends and family that have give we the strength to be so yuhu g and so sure. It's a beautiful thing. Cherish this closeness ad openness it is a rare gift. xo, sassytwatter (won't sign me in)

Anonymous said...

She's wise beyond her years????

She's a confused 14 year old with a nut for a mother that's encourage her deviant ideas.

This is insane and you're part of the destruction of the US.

I don't suspect you and your "tolerant" ideals will allow this post to go through, I'm just content in you knowing you are perverted and you'll pay for your daughters perversion in your next life.

monkey girl said...


I don't know why you'd believe the sexuality of someone somehow contibutes to the distruction of the US. And for your information bisexuality, homosexuality were removed from the (deviant) list of mental illnesses sometime in the 1970s.

It's your kind of intolerance that makes me want to wrap up my daughter and protect her from nuts like you.

Her sexuality doesn't affect you in the least. No one's does actually. Who she loves is none of your business. And I'll tell you just like I told her....loving someone is never wrong.

And yes, I posted your comment. Althoughy I'm under no illusion that I can change someone's mind, I'm still naïve enough to think I can show you a different way. Plus,'s ignorant people like you that she'll have to deal with her entire life.

Anonymous said...

You are correct in saying those terms were removed from DSM in the '70s. That was done by militant homosexual groups with an agenda. It was listed as a mental disorder for years (as it should have been)

Taking your argument further, what's wrong with loving many? What's wrong with loving underage kids (that's coming by the way)-- weather you like it or not it's all deviancy.

And yes- sexual depravity has brought about our destruction.

monkey girl said...

militant homosexual groups? Try again? It was removed by doctors/psychiatrists.

I knew you'd use the same old argument all narrow minded haters one except you are talking about loving underage kids....or animals or whatever the current ridiculous red herring argument is this week.

And whether(the correct spelling btw) you call it deviant doesn't make it so.
Any destruction going on is the lack of education by people like yourself. If you don't like what I write...why do you continue to read my blog and contribute?

Benjamin Prewitt said...

It's funny how people of an anonymous nature love to silently voice their narrow minded under educated opinion on people's blogs, sorry you have to read such negative crap. It is though very christian of you to show tolerance and
Forgiveness to such a poor boring soul. Hopefully they will listen harder in Sunday school next time around.
It's good of you to be open to your daughters heart,intellect and voice as being a highly educated and smart young lass I'm sure she will settle into the life she is called to.
Much love and kindness.

monkey girl said...

Thank you Ben. You said it better than I could. ;)

Anonymous said...

There has already been "scholarly" papers on normalizing pedophilia- that movement has exactly the same trajectory as the "gay rights" movement. Don't kid yourself, it's coming, as is polygamy and God know what other deviancy after the acceptance of homosexuality.

The world has become a very dark place and you've contributed to it by leading your daughter down the wrong path. She has you for a roll model, she sees what you do, thus her confusion.

Oh and I know who took out those classifications and I know why it was done and I'm no hater. I'm just doing my best to spread truth. I have nothing against you personally, you're very misguided with no moral center and it disturbs my you're bringing your innocent 14 year old daughter down the same road you're on.

Good luck to you, I hope you're find your way. Time is short!

monkey girl said...

The same road I'm on? Which road is that you speak on anon? Because you sure don't know me.

I'm married to my college sweetheart. Come this summer we will have been married 20 years. What our daughter see is two happily married parents who love her unconditionally.

And you're right, I am her role model, and a damn good one at that. I've shown her that regardless of colour, sex, faith, gender and sexual orientation that ALL people are created equally and deserved to be loved unconditionally.

She knows that no matter what, her father and I will be there for her 150%.

There is no "truth" that you speak. The truth is that you are descriminating against a group of people because of who they love. In our family, the words you use are filled with hate. And in my house, "hate" is as bad a word as any curse word.

This is my blog. It is my platform for my thoughts and feelings. I will only entertain you so much. It ends here. Any more of your comments will be deleted.

I never use the "H" word....because, in the end, I know people like you are simply misguided, and I truly feel sorry for you.

Benjamin Prewitt said...

So I have to wonder anonymous, did you read any of those papers from which you speak? Because in reality societal exemptions from a non gender specific love have become rather common these days. You really should read a paper now and again. There are even women pastors, hard to believe I know. Are you bored? Or have you decided to say monkey from a life of blissful marriage. Do unto others remember? Let us no judge until we have see through the eyes of another or walked their path. I could argue scripture with you until god does call us home if you like. Because the one thing that you right wing narrow minded people all have in common is you forget that the bible both old and new is mans interpretation of gods words. So unless your a saint, you should probably mind your tongue and your manners and move on. God bless.

Emilie Papineau said...

Bravo! You are an open minded person, your girl is lucky to have you !

monkey girl said...

Aww thank you Emilie, I'm pretty lucky to have her too!

Ethan Lambert said...

Wow, that's amazing that your daughter felt comfortable enough to share that with you! I remember being 14 and bi... the idea of sharing something like THAT with my parents is a horrible thought. It's really cool that you two are that close!

monkey girl said...

You and me both Ethan!! I never discussed sex w/my mother EVER!! and well, as cool as my Dad was, Dad's don't want to hear about their little girls having sex...even with girls. lol.

It's so good to see you back here!! You've been really missed. ;)