Tuesday, March 26, 2013


As we celebrate Passover this week, I'm reminded of how blessed my family is.... Our oldest is on spring break this week. She's testing her limits and spreading her wings....and driving H and I into an early grave.

She neglected to tell us last Thursday that she and her roommate were taking a road trip to California. It wasn't till she sent a photo of themselves obviously in San Francisco that I figured it out and let H know.

Soon her "wild adventure" as she called it vs. me calling it plain ass crazy to not know where you're going or where you'll be sleeping at night, was quite clear.

We've been trying to stay one step ahead of them. Calling friends and family so that they can "couch surf" their way down California instead sleep in the car on the side of the road(which was their plan).

So in SF, I called some close family friends(the girls godfathers). They took the girls out to dinner in the Castro and had them sleep in the guest room for the night.

The next afternoon, she sent a pic from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is just miles from our old home. I knew they'd end up on Auntie's(my bff) doorstep in Pebble Beach eventually. Sure enough, a few hours later they did.

This pattern repeated itself over and over till they were in Los Angeles. Couch surfing their way down the coast of California showing up unexpectedly at family and friend's houses along the way. Of course, all of them were "on call" and expecting them. What they didn't know was H and I had been calling our family and friends to make sure someone was around when they were passing thru town. All the while, H was going crazy tracking her(and the roommate) on her cell phone to be sure they were safe.

Our family and friends opened their homes to them, fed them, gave them beds to sleep in, hugged them and sent them on their way. Under the guise that they were surprised to see her and meet her new roommate. And for that we are blessed.
These wonderful people love her as much as we do....and worry about her as much as we do. And somehow understand her need at 19, to assert her independence in her own way.
They all certainly remember me at 19(most of them) and shake their heads and smile and remember all the crazy stuff we did then too.

And somehow we survived it.
We were blessed then and we are blessed now.

Happy Passover friends.


mostly mouse said...

Happy Passover.


CuriousRob said...

I wish I'd had the guts to do things like that when I was in college! What an adventure!

(Okay, true enough I did join the Army when I was 20, but that was really about running away more than anything else.)

Danielle LaJoie said...

Just shows you how lucky you are to have yech an open relationship with your daughter. And that it takes a village to raise children. You are so lucky for your wi derail friends. I'm still laughing at the though of your H stalking their whereabouts via the kid tracker.

Anonymous said...

Ok you site hates. me it always gives me a new name!! So e times Sassy sometimes Elle seriously in am not this crazy!

monkey girl said...

Aww thanks mouse, you too!!

monkey girl said...

Well, she's having fun for sure, even if we're worried sick.
You can still do a road trip Rob!! It's never to late. ;)

monkey girl said...

We are very lucky, sometimes tho I don't want to know everything!! lol
We've been tracking her since she turned 16 and learned how to drive. The extra money a month in order to track her is worth our piece of mind.

monkey girl said...