Saturday, March 16, 2013

asking permission....

I knew I had to ask. You told me so.
Wait till you're close, you said.
As if it were that easy.
As my finger rubbed the hardness of my clit,
As my back began to arch,
And my eyes began to flutter,
Please may I cum, I asked.

No, you said.
Stop, you said.
Fuck, don't make me stop, but I did.
Lick your fingers, you said.
As I raised my hand, you placed it in your mouth.
Every suck on my fingers made me wet.
Every lick made me groan.

Start again, you said.
I placed my hand on my cunt.
You placed your hand on my throat.
My hand began to twitch.
Your hand began to squeeze.
I'm close, I said.
You best stop, you said.

Will you ever let me cum, I asked.
Oh yes, you said.
With one hand holding both of mine,
Your other hand slapped my cunt.
My back arched.
Your fingers reached inside me.
Your mouth sealed my scream as I came in your hand.

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