Thursday, December 13, 2012

The path...

Once you turned the corner there was a fork in the road.
The right side was wide and smooth and obviously well walked.
The left though, was narrow and crooked with sharp rocks that could cut your feet.
A well worn bench sat between the two paths. It too, was worn. The paint long worn away and wood smoothed down.
Perhaps some took time to decide which path to take and needed to rest their weary legs.
Or perhaps, the bench was simply just there...for no reason at all.

It mattered not. For I never rested at that bench you see. I simply steered towards the left and kept on going.
Oh, I knew it was the harder path. The darker path, to be sure. But I'd never learn anything on that easy path.
I knew there would be heartbreak, tears, loss and that perhaps it might break me.

But I'd never know myself if I chose any other way, you see.
And if I never found myself, how were you going to find me as well?

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