Saturday, September 15, 2012

Last weekend...

This is the last weekend H will have to drive 4 hours to come home to us...this time next Saturday we'll be knee deep unpacking boxes and trying to find space for all our belongings.

Our mid-week phone sex sessions will come to an end...and finally be replaced by actual weekday sex. No more weekend only sex. It's been hard to squeeze 5 days worth of sex into just Saturday and Sunday. But we've had fun trying.

We'll keep our house up here, but packing it up feels like saying goodbye.

When we moved up here from California in 2005, I marveled at all the christmas trees that just grew everywhere. "Look christmas trees in their natural habitat!" I'm going to miss my christmas trees.
I'd never driven a car onto a ferry boat before either...there were so many firsts for me here.

I've come to love the pacific northwest. And even though we'll just be 4 hours away and technically we'll still live the pacific northwest, it's going to feel different...and be different.

We muddled thru one goodbye party already. I'm not good with goodbye parties. We have family and friends that live in Portland already, waiting for us to arrive. I'm sure there will be welcome to Portland parties too. I'm sure you can guess I'm not that good with those either. I like to be the party giver not the party receiver. ;)

As soon as we settle and I find my Target store, Trader Joe's, a good Chinese restaurant, Thai, Mexican, etc...I'll be able to relax and take a deep breath.

Until next week...

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