Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hello Portland

Not much has changed since our move. I still drive monkey to school in the morning, pick up in the afternoon. The animals still need walking, etc.

Our new house will take awhile to get used to...different sounds at night. I still sleep on the same side of the bed but have walked in the wrong direction for the bathroom on more than a few occasions. Haven't hurt myself yet.

The streets and freeways seem to be very confusing to me. I'm afraid to get off the freeway for fear I won't be able to get back on.

What can I say, but it's different.

H left today to finish up a few things at our house in Seattle and take our oldest out to lunch.

It's been about a month since she left for college. The dynamics of the household have changed a bit. It feels strange having a child who doesn't live at home anymore.

She called at 11:30pm the other night just to chat. Of course, we'd been asleep for a bit, but didn't tell her that. It's an adjustment for her as well. Calling to complain about how John Terry(Chelsea footballer) was a douchebag...I figured she really just called to talk.

There are boxes everywhere that still need unpacking. My days are limited till H starts to get frustrated with the state of the house.

Everything is in a state of flux and I feel like I'm spread too thin.

Many changes to talk about but not really ready to share yet.

Boring post I know, promise to spice it up next time.


Anonymous said...

Portland"s freeway system just sucks ass just about as bad as its street signage.

In most places there is an onramp and an off ramp...not in portland. Their might be an off ramp but there likely won't be another on ramp in the same area.

Street signs are practically non existant. Sure locals know their way around but for a newbie or tourist the city just stinks.

However, once you do get downtown, the max and all busses are free.

monkey girl said...

Yeah, I have to agree. But after growing up in the bay area, I kinda understand. I always felt sorry for tourists because SF freeways(especially in the 70's & 80's) were confusing as hell and street signs weren't much better.
Thanks for the free bus info, Seattle has the same thing and I think it's great.

PastryTwatter said...

I hope you are settling in nicely and feeling better about everything & starting to find your way. Unpacking, organizing & getting a home set up is a lot of work! Especially if you are feeling overwhelmed. Its like where do I start? Some-days I got a lot done some not so much. I would try and organize what I thought was most crucial. I know my hubs got frustrated with me during the process. Try & have some fun with it. Hopefully your little Monkey can help you a bit or least keep you company.

All the best!