Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In for a penny in for a pound.

Even though orgasms #4-7 are in my rear view mirror, I'm behind in my homework.

Both monkey girls' birthdays were this week. The girls are 5 years apart and their birthdays are 5 days apart. Certainly not planned that way. Our oldest monkey's due date was still 3 months away when she was born.

It's no surprise that every year around this time I remember how terrified we were when I went into labor with her at 28 weeks. For a week the doctors tried to stave off her birth while pumping me full of steroids to strengthen her little lungs. It was such a blur of doctors, drugs, tests and then an ambulance ride to a hospital more equipped to handle such an early preemie baby.

She just wanted out of the oven...and fast. The doctors did their best...I tried to stay husband and family prayed...but nothing was keeping this kid from popping out 3 months early. She was determined.

She literally was our little slippery monkey at 2 and a half pounds and 19 inches long.

Looking at her today as she blew out her candles you'd never know how traumatic her first 3 months were at the NICU. She's seen the photos and even video of us feeding her and dressing her in baby doll clothes...thank god she'll never know how scared we were. At 25 I didn't know any different till monkey #2 was born 5 years later.

We've been so very blessed.
She leaves for university on an athletic scholarship next month. My little baby.

Life is so amazing.

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