Thursday, August 9, 2012

A little goes a long way.

For our 20th wedding anniversary, H planned a wonderful evening.

Rib eye steaks and Cesar salads from our favorite restaurant. A bottle of some good wine. Candles everywhere in the house! Roses too! Sweet!!
And best of all he'd kicked the kids to the curb and told them to get lost for the evening.

The house was quiet and we had a wonderful dinner.

After dinner we're laying in bed, just the night was still early. Not rushing just enjoying the quiet.

Of course not all goes as planned.
Shortly after some wine is consumed(along with a blue pill for added fun), we get a phone call from the oldest monkey.
She's about 35-40 minutes away and needs to be picked up. H asks if she's having car trouble. No. Are you out of gas? No. (this has happened before, ugh) What's the problem then? She's feeling too sick to drive. Then it dawns on us. Are you drunk? No, but I'm really stoned.

Ooookaaay. Well, at least she called I mutter.
By this time H has finished most of the wine and is buzzing. I'd only had half a glass, thankfully.
I throw some clothes on and head out to where she is...pulled over on the highway stoned off her ass. During the 40 minute drive I'm recalling all the times I've driven home from a party stoned or buzzed when I was her age. How stupid and yet lucky I never hurt myself or anyone else for that matter.

I remember vividly one time driving back to my dorm room after a party off campus. My girlfriend and I tried to determine who was less stoned. Seriously, only a conversation two utterly stoned people would have. I'm not even sure how we decided I was the more competent of the two...but I was behind the wheel of a friend's old VW bug trying with all my might to concentrate on the middle line in the road. We were so seriously stoned out of our minds, it would be almost comical except for our shear stupidity.

Now I can't drive after two glasses if wine I'm such a light weight.

When I finally spot kiddo's car, I'm relieved to see she did a decent job pulling over...just like her mom.

She opens up the passenger door looking sheepish.

Me: Hey honey, smoke too much pot, did you?

Kiddo: Yeah mom...sorry.

Me: Baby, don't apologize. I'd much rather you call than drive drunk or stoned.

Kiddo: Thanks for being so cool about it.

Me: Oh honey, been there, totally understand.

Kiddo: God I've never felt so stoned.

Me: Britta had some good pot, huh?

Kiddo: She sure did.

Me: Make sure you drink some water before you hit the hay, ok?

Kiddo: Yeah, I'm really tired.

Me: I bet sweetie. Well, we'll get home and you can pass out. Tomorrow you and Dad can go pick up your car.

Kiddo: Thanks mom. Sorry for ruining your night.

Me: Hey Baby, stop saying sorry. You did good.

We drove home and she dozed off.

The night didn't go quite as planned but whatta you going to do? She passed out on her bed and H and I fell asleep.

Next morning she was all bright eyed and bouncy.
Jeez, I wish I could rebound like a 19 year old.

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