Saturday, July 14, 2012


Our oldest is back from vacation with her boyfriend's family and our youngest returns tomorrow.

After two weeks of kid free paradise, it's not surprising we forgot to lock our bedroom door this morning.

It's not what you think, you perverts. ;)

I was sticking a needle in H's ass cheek this morning. I hadn't even finished the sentence,
"Did you lock the bedroom do...?" when our oldest knocked.

Now her normal routine is to knock and enter in this almost fluid motion. Fucking drives us crazy and she would almost deserve what she walks in on...almost.

But as soon as we heard the knock we both started screaming,



Not a minute later we open the door, of course she's long gone. Smart kid.

But a few minutes later she walked past our door and told us the oven was beeping. Yet when she turned away, she smirked at me.

Yup, my almost 19 year old gave me that, 'I know what you were doing smirk'.

And like the 21st century Mom that I am, I texted her.

Me: It's not what you think, I was giving Daddy his weekly shot. I'm sure you don't want to see his naked butt.

Kiddo #1: Um...yeah...sure.

Oh well, I tried.

Maybe now she won't just knock and walk in...


guy who trapped monkey girl said...

I'm sure she was expecting to hear the.... "wait...waIT...WAAAAAIIITTT.....(ughhhhhhhhhaaaaa).... Oooooookay" from us or should I say hoping to NOT hear those sounds.

monkey girl said...

very funny....