Friday, July 27, 2012

Orgasms 2-11

First and foremost H wants me to acknowledge that technically my assignment is complete. He gave me 10 orgasms last night.
(He's quite proud and seriously the boy has every reason to be...;)

It doesn't work like that I tell him. I promised N that I wouldn't count my multiple orgasms. So technically that was only #2 and #3. I'm playing by the rules I tell him...I don't cheat. Of course he knows this but loves to tease me. And really...the man was spectacular last night.

Last night...
Our oldest peaked her head in our room and announced dinner would be ready in 15 minutes. H took this as a challenge to get the night going early. After he quietly locked our bedroom door, he pulled my legs closer to the end of the bed, pealing my panties off at the same time.

"We only have 15 minutes," I said eyebrows raised.

"I know, this is gonna be quick."

He wasn't joking. In less than 30 seconds I was coming in his hand VERY loudly. No, I wasn't screaming, but ever since I started squirting late last year it's like a garden hose that you can't shut off.
So when I say "loudly" I mean, the sound effects are well...loud, wet sounding and basically a tad embarrassing, imo. 

Don't get me wrong...I'm pleased as pink that I've learned/relaxed enough to squirt and gush. But this makes for some messy sex. Sometimes, like yesterday, I wanted some good hot car ferry sex. But I'll confess, the thought of gushing everywhere just irritated me.

Ya see, now that my body has learned how to do it...I haven't figured out how to undo it and/or control it. I gush now every time we're sexing. That's a lot of laundry people.

H continues to finger my g spot and pulls a few more orgasms out of me till we hear our youngest yelling "DINNER!"

A quick clean up and change of panties and I'm in the dining room. Monkey #1 made tacos. They were fantastic. I worry we'll miss her cooking as much as we'll miss her when she leaves for university in September. She chides us and says we'll never be able to survive without her. This always makes H laugh.
"Yeah, how will we ever survive without you?" he says rolling his eyes.

"I can't wait for you to leave," teases our youngest. She's probably not lying though. ;)

By almost 11pm the kids were finally settled in their own rooms.
H locked up the house and came in our bedroom grinning. I love him but sometimes he's such a goofball.

After laying down a thick towel he gets to work quickly.

"Who's touching you baby?" he asks.

I'm not really listening, and he repeats himself.

"You are," I whisper.

There's a resounding slap on my pussy. Fuck that feels good.

"No. Who is touching you?" he demands again.

Oh, okay and I remember what he'd requested the another night. H is a self-apprised voyeur.  His request the other night wasn't completely unheard of...

H had requested some role-play for the evening.  I was hesitant but only because I suck kittens at role playing.  Seriously people, I'm no actress.  Never been one to enjoy all or any attention...I prefer to be the quiet perverted wall flower thank you very much.

H has been enjoying my flirtations with N.  He gets a kick outta reading the emails back and forth.  I don't necessarily understand it, but then I'm not quite the voyeur he is.  And truthfully, N's and my correspondence is minimal and quite tame in my view and I suspect N would agree.
But H does know I have an internet crush on N and he loves it.  I don't question it, it just works for us.

He repeats his question...

"N is touching me," I whisper half giggling.

"How is he touching you?" H asks.

"He's fingering me."

"That's right...and how does it feel?"


This back and forth continues for the greater part of an hour.  Each time H questions me, I'm still hesitant to play this role playing game.  H pushes harder each time.  Fuck it's good and aggravating at the same time.  I just want him to fuck me.
He eventually does and I'm spent but wired simultaneously.

I spend the rest of the night reading and finally fall asleep around 6am.

It was a good night.


guy who trapped monkey girl said...

"...suck kittens at role playing." Crap, I love that sentance.

True my love, role playing is not your fotré nor would I ever invite you to join my improve troupe. (figurativle speaking) but it was fun. But if we were to role play again, leave out the giggling.

guy who trapped monkey girl said...

Sorry... forté.

(Relying a bit too much on the spell checker)

monkey girl said...

An aspiring artist I may aspiring actress I am not. But I love that you push me, my love. I wouldn't do it for anyone else even drunk off my ass. That IS how much I love you. xo

guy who trapped monkey girl said...


Maybe I need to get you drunk off your ass to have you drop your acting inhabitions???? But I am sure the "drunk" to "too sleepy" graph/chart would have the two lines crossing before we were to break out your true roll playing persona.

And personally, I much prefer the giggling over the "yeh yeh... (yawn) Let me know when you are done... (zzzzz - snore - snore - zzzzz)"