Sunday, July 8, 2012

One more orgasm

Only averaging three hours of sleep a night for the last five days she was more than exhausted.

He'd been using her body day and night much to his delight. But she needed a rest. Just a little one she told him as she laid her head down on her pillow.

He smiled and kissed her forehead and tucked her was 4pm Saturday and he was surprised she'd lasted this long.

They were both enjoying this respite from their children. While the kids were away they'd planned to use this time to reconnect.

After 96 hours straight in bed, they'd done just that.

But before real life and commitments would drag them back, he wanted to pull at least one more orgasm out of her depleted body.

He'd used almost every tool from his arsenal from the toy box sans a few.

As he watched her naked form as she slept, he really just wanted to bury his cock in her one last time before they would go out for the evening.

He laid down beside her and started stroking her lithe frame...from shoulder to ass. He could never keep his hands off her full breasts though.

For an Irish girl, she had the palest skin. However, only one generation back her biological father's parents were native American.

This meant during the summers she'd turn the darkest shade of brown as she spent days in the sun. And her areolas are so very large and pale. Her nipples just barely a shade darker. They reminded him of the photos of African women in the pages of National Geographic.
After nursing two babies they were full and heavy. He loved to squeeze them. Suck on them till they were so very tender.

As his cock began to rise his touch became more urgent.
She moaned as he squeezed her breasts again. He ran his hand between her legs pulling her wetness from front to back.

Suddenly she felt the head of his cock pressing against her ass. He slid in so easily. Holding one hand on her neck and the other on her hip he rocked with her body back and forth.
With his hand on her hip he moved her right leg back and slightly open. Taking the 7 inch vibrating dildo he eased it in her cunt and turned it on.

She bucked forward sharply and quickly he grabbed her hips and put his mouth to her ear,
"Shhh, be still" he whispered.

He could feel the vibrations from the dildo in her cunt. He didn't think it was possible to get much harder.

As he started to move in earnest her moans became louder.

"Fuck!" she yelled.

She felt so tight, he could only imagine how full she felt. Even with what he assumed was an overload of sensations, she worked his cock, squeezing her muscles tightly around him. He knew he wouldn't last long at this rate.

Finally rolling on top of her, he began to pound away in earnest, trying desperately to pull that last orgasm out of her. Pulling her up, he wrapped his arms around her. At last he was able to squeeze those nipples.
As he squeezed harder she bucked under him...he knew she was close.

He knew her trigger and leaned over and bit her back hard. That was all it took. She convulsed and came hard screaming.

She collapsed on the bed, twitching ever so slightly every minute or so like she always did after coming hard.

He eased out of her and then gently removed the vibrator. After using the bathroom to clean up, he returned with a warm washcloth and gingerly cleaned her as well.

"You didn't come" she said.

"No sweetheart, I'm saving myself for later."

"In your dreams baby" and then she rolled over and fell asleep.

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