Saturday, July 7, 2012

Naked 24/7

H and I are going on day 4 sans kiddos.
It's just H and I...and the dog, cat and new kitten(which it a bit like having a baby in the house).

But I digress. When H and I would lay in bed and imagine what our life would be like once the kids leave the nest, I'd always tell H that I'd imagine there wouldn't be much need for clothes at home.

Let me backtrack a bit. Currently, monkey girl tends to run around the house in a t-shirt and panties. H doesn't seem to mind, I find it comfortable, the work I do do...I do from home.
So the transition to zero clothes at home isn't much of a stretch really, if you think about.

True I have to grab my robe when the ups guy/mail lady is at the door, but really it's no big me.
That said, H often reminds me that "pants/skirts" aren't a bad thing. I know 50% of him is teasing(I think)...cause my ass does tend to get more attention when I'm running around in my panties.

Well it's day 4 without the girls, like I said, and just as I thought, I've been naked 24/7. It's kinda fun and liberating in a way.

With that said, the only difference is(and I'm not complaining or exaggerating) H has been all over me 24/7.
Finally last night I told him to give the poor girl(me) a break. I'm a wee bit sore in the nether regions.

My ass is dragging cause it's barely been out of bed in 96 hours, except to shower and pee.
We've even been eating all our meals in bed(H has been cooking). Yay!

Today I actually have to get up and dressed...cause we're going to a sex club tonight. ;)

But more about that later.


guy who trapped monkey girl said...

Pants.... are good!!!!

Oh... And sorry about not following through with giving you a break last night. (oops)

monkey girl said...

Um yeah, your apology seems a tad disingenuous.
But I did have fun last night, thank you.