Monday, July 2, 2012

Monkey Girl 101

These last 5 nights H has been experimenting with monkey girl's body.

Now it should be said that, monkey girl is in full swing pre-menopause. Yes, she's only 42, but after her surgery at 32, her doctors told her she should expect to be catapulted into early menopause... fun times!!

In the last year, monkey girl has discovered that her pre-menopausal body is one finicky bitch.

Yes, her skin has gotten thinner, and she's even noticed a few age spots on her hands...ick.

The biggest problem? Sex.

She first noticed changes while masturbating. All those rote ways that brought monkey girl to orgasm like clock work started failing big time.
Sure, her brain could still muster up the usual orgasm fantasy...but no matter how hard she tried those fingers of hers just couldn't get the job done.

It wasn't for lack of trying. However, when her fingers went all numb and tingly and got seriously pruney after THIRTY minutes of trying, she finally gave up. Thank god for the hitachi or she'd be an unsatisfied nervous train wreck.

Now recently, monkey girl recorded a few orgasms for Nlikes. He asked for an offering so nicely, monkey girl really couldn't refuse. Now if you read N's lead up to her orgasm audio, there's no mistaking/ignoring N's comments on HOW LONG it took monkey girl to come. Now she's got nothing to compare it too, but 5-6 minute average doesn't seem like a marathon.

It's no secret that monkey girl adore N's writing @ My Dissolute Life, so if you haven't checked him out, she can't sing his praises highly enough. Seriously hot, smart writing people. Monkey girl isn't one to get all gushy but his deep introspection is hot too in monkey girl's opinion.

Now of course, H noticed the changes in monkey girl's body. Besides taking longer to get those old juices flowing...H couldn't bring monkey girl to orgasm. Every tried and true routine failed miserably.
Monkey girl assured H he still had his mojo, and kept reiterating it had to be her body's fault. Something was amiss.

H can only be selfish in the sex department for so long before one would suspect he feels guilty? And the hitachi can't be a permanent substitute for the real thing.

So last Wednesday night H announced he was starting an experiment on monkey girl. O.O really?

So began...Monkey Girl 101.

Introduction to relearning monkey girl's body.

Being the recipient of this course has been enlightening, exciting, and down right enjoyable(and that's putting in mildly).

note...please forgive the switch to 1st person but monkey girl couldn't help it!!

It culminated last night with what I have to describe as the most intense(and longest) orgasm I think I've EVER had(I say "think" only because my memory of our first 2 years together is a blur of nonstop fucking).

It can only be described as my first whole body orgasm. Literally everything contracted. My uterus continued to contract for about 5 minutes afterward. All this left me completely exhausted, fuzzy in the brain...and like a total guy, I rolled over and fell asleep. ;)
Later in the wee hours of the morning, H woke me up and we started all over again.

As you can imagine, monkey girl woke up this morning tired, sore but very very happy and oh so satisfied...and H? Well, he was quite pleased with himself.

Who wouldn't?


guy who trapped monkey girl said...

2nd here... Thanks N!

monkey girl said...'re the one who did all the work! Don't sell yourself short.
...and you do great work, btw. ;)


guy who trapped monkey girl said...

But the question is.... Is the art good because of the craftsmanship or the inspiration?