Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An assignment


I'd been desperate for an orgasm all day. Selfishly too. Just wanted my orgasm(s) nothing more really.

H can hit my g spot in such a way that I start to gush right when my orgasm peaks...it's an amazing feeling.

He wanted to try a new rope corset on me. I agreed and not so patiently waited while he worked. 20 minutes into it, it wasn't working and he gave up.
I jumped up on the bed eager as ever. I think I might have even clapped my hands. What can I say...I'm a dork sometimes.

H laid a towel down on the bed. Like I said, I've been squirting lately...a lot.

He teased me about being excited, but when I grew a bit impatient he immediately pulled out my collar and the leather paddle. I still couldn't stop giggling...and finally when I tried grabbing the paddle with my feet/toes, he just gave up and started laughing. Something we do in bed a lot.

I was still wearing my t-shirt and panties.
But the panties were quickly stripped off and he pushed my t-shirt/tank top up(he's a boob man thru and thru).
He sat to my right side and started rubbing his hands over my breasts, stomach and legs.

I pushed my hips up, in a not so subtle way and he finally started playing with my clit. By now I was starting to get wet. Teasing me he would let one finger slide in, gather moisture and rub my clit some more.
By this time, I'll admit I was close to begging. The words "please" kept coming out of my mouth while my hips were moving up and down.
He knows EXACTLY what I want and when those two fingers started massaging my g spot my brain turned itself off. I can't even describe the feeling. It's like an orgasm that never peaks hard but never stops at the same time. I fucking love it.
His middle and ring finger keep rubbing my g spot and when he starts to pick up the pace I can feel myself start to gush into his hand. He tells me he loves watching me come and when I gush he just smiles.

He continues and this feeling, this orgasm just keeps on coming. I can feel myself squirt. My whole body arches up towards him. Sometimes he'll use his other hand to hold me down by my pubic bone, but this time he just let me arch and bend and pull my legs together when the intensity became to much.
Usually I have to beg him to stop but yesterday afternoon he slowed down after what seemed like my 3rd(maybe 4th) orgasm. What I didn't realize was I'd been holding/rubbing his cock in my right hand the entire time.

The rest?

Well H pushed my legs farther apart and fucked me hard. He tells me that when he fucks me after the g spot orgasms, that I'm swollen and really fucking wet. He says it feels unbelievable(he's a sweetheart). The truth is it feels unbelievable for me as well and doesn't take much to make me orgasm again...no joke. But yesterday I didn't.

After 4 multiple orgasms I was beat...and after he came I rolled over and fell asleep and took a 3 hour nap.

That Mr. N is orgasm #1.

-monkey girl

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