Friday, July 27, 2012

Orgasms 2-11

First and foremost H wants me to acknowledge that technically my assignment is complete. He gave me 10 orgasms last night.
(He's quite proud and seriously the boy has every reason to be...;)

It doesn't work like that I tell him. I promised N that I wouldn't count my multiple orgasms. So technically that was only #2 and #3. I'm playing by the rules I tell him...I don't cheat. Of course he knows this but loves to tease me. And really...the man was spectacular last night.

Last night...
Our oldest peaked her head in our room and announced dinner would be ready in 15 minutes. H took this as a challenge to get the night going early. After he quietly locked our bedroom door, he pulled my legs closer to the end of the bed, pealing my panties off at the same time.

"We only have 15 minutes," I said eyebrows raised.

"I know, this is gonna be quick."

He wasn't joking. In less than 30 seconds I was coming in his hand VERY loudly. No, I wasn't screaming, but ever since I started squirting late last year it's like a garden hose that you can't shut off.
So when I say "loudly" I mean, the sound effects are well...loud, wet sounding and basically a tad embarrassing, imo. 

Don't get me wrong...I'm pleased as pink that I've learned/relaxed enough to squirt and gush. But this makes for some messy sex. Sometimes, like yesterday, I wanted some good hot car ferry sex. But I'll confess, the thought of gushing everywhere just irritated me.

Ya see, now that my body has learned how to do it...I haven't figured out how to undo it and/or control it. I gush now every time we're sexing. That's a lot of laundry people.

H continues to finger my g spot and pulls a few more orgasms out of me till we hear our youngest yelling "DINNER!"

A quick clean up and change of panties and I'm in the dining room. Monkey #1 made tacos. They were fantastic. I worry we'll miss her cooking as much as we'll miss her when she leaves for university in September. She chides us and says we'll never be able to survive without her. This always makes H laugh.
"Yeah, how will we ever survive without you?" he says rolling his eyes.

"I can't wait for you to leave," teases our youngest. She's probably not lying though. ;)

By almost 11pm the kids were finally settled in their own rooms.
H locked up the house and came in our bedroom grinning. I love him but sometimes he's such a goofball.

After laying down a thick towel he gets to work quickly.

"Who's touching you baby?" he asks.

I'm not really listening, and he repeats himself.

"You are," I whisper.

There's a resounding slap on my pussy. Fuck that feels good.

"No. Who is touching you?" he demands again.

Oh, okay and I remember what he'd requested the another night. H is a self-apprised voyeur.  His request the other night wasn't completely unheard of...

H had requested some role-play for the evening.  I was hesitant but only because I suck kittens at role playing.  Seriously people, I'm no actress.  Never been one to enjoy all or any attention...I prefer to be the quiet perverted wall flower thank you very much.

H has been enjoying my flirtations with N.  He gets a kick outta reading the emails back and forth.  I don't necessarily understand it, but then I'm not quite the voyeur he is.  And truthfully, N's and my correspondence is minimal and quite tame in my view and I suspect N would agree.
But H does know I have an internet crush on N and he loves it.  I don't question it, it just works for us.

He repeats his question...

"N is touching me," I whisper half giggling.

"How is he touching you?" H asks.

"He's fingering me."

"That's right...and how does it feel?"


This back and forth continues for the greater part of an hour.  Each time H questions me, I'm still hesitant to play this role playing game.  H pushes harder each time.  Fuck it's good and aggravating at the same time.  I just want him to fuck me.
He eventually does and I'm spent but wired simultaneously.

I spend the rest of the night reading and finally fall asleep around 6am.

It was a good night.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nothing here people...keep on walking.

H and I had planned to have some hot back seat ferry sex on the way home today.

I had an early doctor appointment and then I wanted to be sure we stopped off at Trader Joe's before we caught the 2:25 ferry. Our refrigerator was pitifully empty.

H was worried our tinted windows wouldn't be enough to hide the fact that we were gonna fuck. Meh, I didn't worry so much. Most people seemed to mind their own business on the ferry.

We waited for the ferry to arrive. H was listening to a ball game and I was reading a biography on Ayn Rand. Did you know that The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged still sell over 300,000 copies every year? Jeez, I didn't. I still only have 61* readers following my blog.

The first inkling we had this wasn't gonna happen was when the ferry worker stopped us and had us park in the middle of the ferry. Usually we're always directed to the upper parking areas which are only two lanes of cars and fairly quiet.

Strike one: We're in the middle of four lanes of cars on the ferry. Crap. On every side of our car is a car parked very very close. Mere inches away really.

But H did notice most people were ditching their cars to relax inside the ferry. Okay, I thought...maybe this was still gonna happen.

Strike Two: As soon as we're out in the water the boat starts to roll. Fuck, we're in the wake of some huge container ship. As we pitch to the left, I turn green...not a good sign. I rarely get sea sick on the ferry, but it does happen every blue moon. Shit.

H notices my lovely shade of green and rolls his eyes. I figure he's picturing me puking on his dick instead of sucking on his dick. Not a pretty thought.

Strike three: Some douchebag's car alarm starts going off every 30 seconds. Soon he's at his car fumbling trying to turn it off. But now there's a crowd growing around our car. Everybody assumed it was THEIR car. Come on people!

H asked me if they had read my twitter feed announcing the up coming 'ferry sex'. "Fuck, I don't think so but I've never seen it more crowded."

"Maybe we should have them turn on a spot light and sell tickets?" I smirk.

H isn't feeling my humor. He's been waiting 3 hours for ferry sex.

Five more minutes and we'll be docking.

"Sorry honey, I'll make it up to you tonight, I promise."

Somehow this doesn't seem to placate him. I'll have to think of something good for next time.

*I do have more readers, but only 61 committed readers. Usually I blow past 60 in a day...but hey, I can't ask for a commitment from everyone.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An assignment


I'd been desperate for an orgasm all day. Selfishly too. Just wanted my orgasm(s) nothing more really.

H can hit my g spot in such a way that I start to gush right when my orgasm's an amazing feeling.

He wanted to try a new rope corset on me. I agreed and not so patiently waited while he worked. 20 minutes into it, it wasn't working and he gave up.
I jumped up on the bed eager as ever. I think I might have even clapped my hands. What can I say...I'm a dork sometimes.

H laid a towel down on the bed. Like I said, I've been squirting lately...a lot.

He teased me about being excited, but when I grew a bit impatient he immediately pulled out my collar and the leather paddle. I still couldn't stop giggling...and finally when I tried grabbing the paddle with my feet/toes, he just gave up and started laughing. Something we do in bed a lot.

I was still wearing my t-shirt and panties.
But the panties were quickly stripped off and he pushed my t-shirt/tank top up(he's a boob man thru and thru).
He sat to my right side and started rubbing his hands over my breasts, stomach and legs.

I pushed my hips up, in a not so subtle way and he finally started playing with my clit. By now I was starting to get wet. Teasing me he would let one finger slide in, gather moisture and rub my clit some more.
By this time, I'll admit I was close to begging. The words "please" kept coming out of my mouth while my hips were moving up and down.
He knows EXACTLY what I want and when those two fingers started massaging my g spot my brain turned itself off. I can't even describe the feeling. It's like an orgasm that never peaks hard but never stops at the same time. I fucking love it.
His middle and ring finger keep rubbing my g spot and when he starts to pick up the pace I can feel myself start to gush into his hand. He tells me he loves watching me come and when I gush he just smiles.

He continues and this feeling, this orgasm just keeps on coming. I can feel myself squirt. My whole body arches up towards him. Sometimes he'll use his other hand to hold me down by my pubic bone, but this time he just let me arch and bend and pull my legs together when the intensity became to much.
Usually I have to beg him to stop but yesterday afternoon he slowed down after what seemed like my 3rd(maybe 4th) orgasm. What I didn't realize was I'd been holding/rubbing his cock in my right hand the entire time.

The rest?

Well H pushed my legs farther apart and fucked me hard. He tells me that when he fucks me after the g spot orgasms, that I'm swollen and really fucking wet. He says it feels unbelievable(he's a sweetheart). The truth is it feels unbelievable for me as well and doesn't take much to make me orgasm joke. But yesterday I didn't.

After 4 multiple orgasms I was beat...and after he came I rolled over and fell asleep and took a 3 hour nap.

That Mr. N is orgasm #1.

-monkey girl

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pussy shot

our newest addition and concurrently our biggest troublemaker.

Baby at the front window begging Mommy not to leave her home alone.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Our oldest is back from vacation with her boyfriend's family and our youngest returns tomorrow.

After two weeks of kid free paradise, it's not surprising we forgot to lock our bedroom door this morning.

It's not what you think, you perverts. ;)

I was sticking a needle in H's ass cheek this morning. I hadn't even finished the sentence,
"Did you lock the bedroom do...?" when our oldest knocked.

Now her normal routine is to knock and enter in this almost fluid motion. Fucking drives us crazy and she would almost deserve what she walks in on...almost.

But as soon as we heard the knock we both started screaming,



Not a minute later we open the door, of course she's long gone. Smart kid.

But a few minutes later she walked past our door and told us the oven was beeping. Yet when she turned away, she smirked at me.

Yup, my almost 19 year old gave me that, 'I know what you were doing smirk'.

And like the 21st century Mom that I am, I texted her.

Me: It's not what you think, I was giving Daddy his weekly shot. I'm sure you don't want to see his naked butt.

Kiddo #1: Um...yeah...sure.

Oh well, I tried.

Maybe now she won't just knock and walk in...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

One more orgasm

Only averaging three hours of sleep a night for the last five days she was more than exhausted.

He'd been using her body day and night much to his delight. But she needed a rest. Just a little one she told him as she laid her head down on her pillow.

He smiled and kissed her forehead and tucked her was 4pm Saturday and he was surprised she'd lasted this long.

They were both enjoying this respite from their children. While the kids were away they'd planned to use this time to reconnect.

After 96 hours straight in bed, they'd done just that.

But before real life and commitments would drag them back, he wanted to pull at least one more orgasm out of her depleted body.

He'd used almost every tool from his arsenal from the toy box sans a few.

As he watched her naked form as she slept, he really just wanted to bury his cock in her one last time before they would go out for the evening.

He laid down beside her and started stroking her lithe frame...from shoulder to ass. He could never keep his hands off her full breasts though.

For an Irish girl, she had the palest skin. However, only one generation back her biological father's parents were native American.

This meant during the summers she'd turn the darkest shade of brown as she spent days in the sun. And her areolas are so very large and pale. Her nipples just barely a shade darker. They reminded him of the photos of African women in the pages of National Geographic.
After nursing two babies they were full and heavy. He loved to squeeze them. Suck on them till they were so very tender.

As his cock began to rise his touch became more urgent.
She moaned as he squeezed her breasts again. He ran his hand between her legs pulling her wetness from front to back.

Suddenly she felt the head of his cock pressing against her ass. He slid in so easily. Holding one hand on her neck and the other on her hip he rocked with her body back and forth.
With his hand on her hip he moved her right leg back and slightly open. Taking the 7 inch vibrating dildo he eased it in her cunt and turned it on.

She bucked forward sharply and quickly he grabbed her hips and put his mouth to her ear,
"Shhh, be still" he whispered.

He could feel the vibrations from the dildo in her cunt. He didn't think it was possible to get much harder.

As he started to move in earnest her moans became louder.

"Fuck!" she yelled.

She felt so tight, he could only imagine how full she felt. Even with what he assumed was an overload of sensations, she worked his cock, squeezing her muscles tightly around him. He knew he wouldn't last long at this rate.

Finally rolling on top of her, he began to pound away in earnest, trying desperately to pull that last orgasm out of her. Pulling her up, he wrapped his arms around her. At last he was able to squeeze those nipples.
As he squeezed harder she bucked under him...he knew she was close.

He knew her trigger and leaned over and bit her back hard. That was all it took. She convulsed and came hard screaming.

She collapsed on the bed, twitching ever so slightly every minute or so like she always did after coming hard.

He eased out of her and then gently removed the vibrator. After using the bathroom to clean up, he returned with a warm washcloth and gingerly cleaned her as well.

"You didn't come" she said.

"No sweetheart, I'm saving myself for later."

"In your dreams baby" and then she rolled over and fell asleep.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Naked 24/7

H and I are going on day 4 sans kiddos.
It's just H and I...and the dog, cat and new kitten(which it a bit like having a baby in the house).

But I digress. When H and I would lay in bed and imagine what our life would be like once the kids leave the nest, I'd always tell H that I'd imagine there wouldn't be much need for clothes at home.

Let me backtrack a bit. Currently, monkey girl tends to run around the house in a t-shirt and panties. H doesn't seem to mind, I find it comfortable, the work I do do...I do from home.
So the transition to zero clothes at home isn't much of a stretch really, if you think about.

True I have to grab my robe when the ups guy/mail lady is at the door, but really it's no big me.
That said, H often reminds me that "pants/skirts" aren't a bad thing. I know 50% of him is teasing(I think)...cause my ass does tend to get more attention when I'm running around in my panties.

Well it's day 4 without the girls, like I said, and just as I thought, I've been naked 24/7. It's kinda fun and liberating in a way.

With that said, the only difference is(and I'm not complaining or exaggerating) H has been all over me 24/7.
Finally last night I told him to give the poor girl(me) a break. I'm a wee bit sore in the nether regions.

My ass is dragging cause it's barely been out of bed in 96 hours, except to shower and pee.
We've even been eating all our meals in bed(H has been cooking). Yay!

Today I actually have to get up and dressed...cause we're going to a sex club tonight. ;)

But more about that later.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th

One kiddo flew south yesterday to visit family and friends. Other kiddo flies east tomorrow with boyfriend & his family for vacation.

We hardly see the oldest at all anymore and by September she'll be at university.
She's already gone for the day and most of the evening.

H and I will be truly alone for the next few weeks.

Oh the possibilities.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monkey Girl 101

These last 5 nights H has been experimenting with monkey girl's body.

Now it should be said that, monkey girl is in full swing pre-menopause. Yes, she's only 42, but after her surgery at 32, her doctors told her she should expect to be catapulted into early menopause... fun times!!

In the last year, monkey girl has discovered that her pre-menopausal body is one finicky bitch.

Yes, her skin has gotten thinner, and she's even noticed a few age spots on her hands...ick.

The biggest problem? Sex.

She first noticed changes while masturbating. All those rote ways that brought monkey girl to orgasm like clock work started failing big time.
Sure, her brain could still muster up the usual orgasm fantasy...but no matter how hard she tried those fingers of hers just couldn't get the job done.

It wasn't for lack of trying. However, when her fingers went all numb and tingly and got seriously pruney after THIRTY minutes of trying, she finally gave up. Thank god for the hitachi or she'd be an unsatisfied nervous train wreck.

Now recently, monkey girl recorded a few orgasms for Nlikes. He asked for an offering so nicely, monkey girl really couldn't refuse. Now if you read N's lead up to her orgasm audio, there's no mistaking/ignoring N's comments on HOW LONG it took monkey girl to come. Now she's got nothing to compare it too, but 5-6 minute average doesn't seem like a marathon.

It's no secret that monkey girl adore N's writing @ My Dissolute Life, so if you haven't checked him out, she can't sing his praises highly enough. Seriously hot, smart writing people. Monkey girl isn't one to get all gushy but his deep introspection is hot too in monkey girl's opinion.

Now of course, H noticed the changes in monkey girl's body. Besides taking longer to get those old juices flowing...H couldn't bring monkey girl to orgasm. Every tried and true routine failed miserably.
Monkey girl assured H he still had his mojo, and kept reiterating it had to be her body's fault. Something was amiss.

H can only be selfish in the sex department for so long before one would suspect he feels guilty? And the hitachi can't be a permanent substitute for the real thing.

So last Wednesday night H announced he was starting an experiment on monkey girl. O.O really?

So began...Monkey Girl 101.

Introduction to relearning monkey girl's body.

Being the recipient of this course has been enlightening, exciting, and down right enjoyable(and that's putting in mildly).

note...please forgive the switch to 1st person but monkey girl couldn't help it!!

It culminated last night with what I have to describe as the most intense(and longest) orgasm I think I've EVER had(I say "think" only because my memory of our first 2 years together is a blur of nonstop fucking).

It can only be described as my first whole body orgasm. Literally everything contracted. My uterus continued to contract for about 5 minutes afterward. All this left me completely exhausted, fuzzy in the brain...and like a total guy, I rolled over and fell asleep. ;)
Later in the wee hours of the morning, H woke me up and we started all over again.

As you can imagine, monkey girl woke up this morning tired, sore but very very happy and oh so satisfied...and H? Well, he was quite pleased with himself.

Who wouldn't?