Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Moving forward using all my breath

It was a particularly hard session with the therapist today. Lots a tears.

So much is going on with monkey's graduation, out of town guests flying in, H's three hour MRI yesterday.
It's been a lot to handle.

As normal, I'm internalizing it all and it's coming out as queasiness x1000 with a migraine that's just sitting behind my eyes. Actually threw up at the hospital yesterday while waiting for H to finish up his brain MRI. Managed to make it to the bathroom in time.

I've barely eaten anything since last Friday.

All this and I also managed to alienate a follow blogger...which is a first for me.

We'd emailed each other a bit but I knew it was only a matter of time before I stuck my foot in my mouth but good.

Now there's this unbelievably loud silence.
I thought at the very least we could be blogger friends. It hurts a bit knowing someone out there doesn't even want to speak to you.
Still not sure what I did to deserve the zero communication edict.

And because we really don't know one another, I can only speculate that my perceived craziness scared said blogger away...for good.

I am a wee bit crazy. A bit quirky too. But by no means did I mean to offend.
If I did, I'm truly sorry. If its because I comes across as a lunatic...well I can't help that.
Most people who know me say I have a good heart. I try.

I see my therapist again next Tuesday and by then all our house guests will have flown home.

I suspect I'll have lots to talk through and hopefully any weekend drama will have been small and manageable. At the very least I'm sure there will be some entertaining moments.

Here's hoping.

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