Friday, June 29, 2012

Date nite...part ii

Now that H had me bound to the bench, I could tell he wanted to take his time.

After every hit with the paddle he'd rub his other hand over my warmed skin. Massaging it. Playing with it.

Some smacks on the backs of my thighs made me want to arch my back, but I literally had no wiggle room. A sheen of sweat began to appear on my back. I was completely unable to guess where his next strike would be.

Finally after what seemed ages he asked me if I'd had enough.

"Yes", I whimpered.

The paddle hit the ground with a thud. And then I could hear the unmistakable sound of his pants opening.

No lead up...he placed his hands on my hips and slammed himself into me.
I screamed. God it felt good. Even as his fingers dug into my hips painfully, it felt exquisite.

After a few minutes H slowed down and untied me from the bench.

Slowly, he guided me to our bed and cut off all the rubber tape with a knife. Everything came off except the collar.

Tired and sweaty he laid down beside me and we rested for awhile.

When I turned to look at him he was smiling. I knew what he was thinking...I was thinking it too.

"Jeez, we're getting old" I said.

"Getting? We're there babe" he smiled.

The girls were going to be home soon. H cleaned up the living room and I put my nightshirt on.

By the time they came home, I was half asleep and H was watching wimbledon.

Later that night, H woke me up and slowly entered me from behind. This time taking his time. Just us. Even after 20 years it's still wonderful, he still makes me feel like no other.

Next date night is Saturday.
Dinner out in the city. Can't wait.

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