Thursday, June 28, 2012

Date night.

H had warned me ahead of time not to plan anything...he'd made plans and as soon as he'd shuttled(aka shoved) the girls out of the house, he announced it was date night.

20 minutes later he popped into our bedroom.

"Do I need to change?" I asked. I was only wearing a t-shirt and undies.

"Nope" he smirked.

He grabbed my hand and escorted me to the dining room.
It wasn't until I attempted to sit at my regular seat(the chair to the right of the head of the table) that I noticed the table was only set for only one.

"No no, sit here" he motioned, and sat me at the head of the table.

He left for a moment and returned with my collar and wrist restraints.
Alrighty, I thought, dinner was going to be different tonight...very different.

I lowered my chin as he put on my collar. I noticed a bottle of my favorite Sauvignon Blanc.
After putting on my wrist restraints, he clipped them together behind the back of my chair. Now I understood the single place setting(I can be slow at times).

He came back from the kitchen with a plate of my favorite chicken salad....and began to slowly feed me. I have to confess by this time, I wasn't the least bit hungry. I was anxious to know what else was planned for the evening. I asked repeatedly but he wasn't giving anything up.

Two thirds thru dinner I told him I was stuffed.

He had me finish my glass of wine and then wiped my mouth with a napkin.
He then turned my chair towards him.

First came the blindfold...but I have to tell you this blindfold also covers my ears and makes it harder for me to hear.
He unclips my wrists and guides me to the living room.

"Kneel" he said.

As instructed I kneel and once again he clips my wrists together.
The first thing I notice is how rough our living room rug is...and I'm already thinking how bad the rug burn is going to be. Rug burn can really smart like the dickens.

He removes my shirt and applies the alligator clamps. Jeez, I forgot how much they can hurt. I breathe thru the pain and try to get comfortable.

I can hear some rustling and then he tells me he'll be right back.

And then it hits me....fuck. I don't want to be left alone. Logically I know I've nothing to fear. But clearly logic wasn't working, and I can feel panic starting to rise up my throat.

"Please don't leave me alone" I whisper. My insecurity embarrasses me. I'm trying to listen carefully. I feel the first pang of a panic attack. He returns just in time, thank god.

"You didn't think I was going to leave you, did you?" he asked.

"No, not really" I muttered.

Before I can give any thought about the panic attack, I can feel him wrapping my right leg with something...but what?

By the time he starts on my left leg I'm 99% sure he's wrapping me with our pink or purple plastic tape. It's on a roll like duck tape but it's not sticky...meant to tie someone up for fun/sex. Well, at least that's what we've always used it for.

But he's wrapping me up like a mummy. Legs, torso, but leaving my breasts free by criss-crossing the tape between them.
It's an interesting feeling and I'm sure I look like either a pink or purple mummy. I'm glad I'm blindfolded and can't see at this point...cause I'm sure I look down right ridiculous.

H sees the look on my face and whispers in my ear that I look beautiful. I highly doubt this but say nothing.

I can feel him position a pillow behind me and he lowers me back onto my elbows.

He removes my panties, and separates my legs. Yup, completely exposed, sprawled out on the living room rug. Good grief.

I start to wonder how long the girls will be gone when I feel his fingers start to play with me. Soon all thoughts are gone.

Really he's toying with me. I start to wiggle but he places his hand on my pubic bone and holding me down. With his other hand finds my g spot and he starts to rub. I squirm and moan. He knows exactly what he's doing and I'm loving it.

Just about when I think I'm going to come, he stops. What? Wtf?

He stands me up, I'm unsteady and at that moment breathing rather hard. He's saying something, but my mind is somewhere else.
Finally he takes one hand on my back and the other on my front...

"Lean over" he says.

I'm confused. Lean over what? He continues to lean me over. Finally my front comes in contact with some thing soft...pillows. He leaning me over the Chinese bench from the living room...he's placed pillows on it for comfort(I assume).

Once he has me positioned, each arm and leg are strapped to a corresponding bench leg. Hence, my bare ass is in the air. Not an unusual sight, but it's been awhile.

To be honest, I thought he was going to play with me then fuck me. But as the first thwap! hits my bare bum, I know he's got different ideas.

Really almost no warm up. Just his right arm and the leather paddle.

to be continued...

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