Saturday, June 2, 2012

The collar.

The collar made an appearance yesterday.

H seemed so pleased with himself when he adjusted it around monkey girl's neck.

He yanked and pulled on the it, turning monkey girl this way and that. And really she just loved it.

"I do like the look of you in a collar," he said.

Monkey girl was more than a bit surprised. Wrist and ankle restraints and the collar(and such) are only used at playtime.

But nothing else was pulled from the toy box, only the collar.

It felt different.

Monkey girl could tell H's mind was spinning.
She wondered what plans were behind that sadistic grin.

After 20 minutes though, she didn't wonder anymore.

Monkey girl's head was too fuzzy to think.


mostly mouse said...

O has spoken of getting mouse a permanent collar. Kinda mixed on that...

But yes it does change or alter ones mindset.


monkey girl said...

I could just see 'that' look on hmmm, a permanent collar on the monkey girl? Nice.
It did freak me out a bit cause we've never talked about that before. The collar has been for the bedroom only.

Honestly though...I kinda like the idea of a permanent collar. But with 2 older kiddos and the outside world it would have to be discreet, ya know?
hugs back,