Thursday, May 31, 2012


She finally rang me yesterday.

I'd expected crying, remorse even...but instead she expressed her outrage.

4 days in county lock-up and she's still not hit her bottom.

I listened for 2+ hours yesterday as she rationalized her behavior, actions...and drinking.

I'm at a crossroads in this relationship/friendship. I know this.

I gave her the name of an excellent therapist(in her area) and told her she needed more help than I can offer.

I know I am her last friend.
All the rest drew their line in the sand long ago...along with most of her family.

And that's where my guilt lies. I'm the only one who will listen and be listened to.
That's a heavy burden.

I'd hoped she'd finally hit bottom.

I guess it was not meant to be.
I'm scared of how much farther she'll sink.

Hitting bottom now seems so elusive.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes they need to hit bottom more than once.


monkey girl said...

Yup, that is true. Sad but true.
Thanks m.