Monday, May 28, 2012


There's a special beach on Puget Sound we like to go to.
It's long and pebble-y. And the just opens up to the entire Sound. Really it's gorgeous.

The driftwood could be more described as logs one could build a house with. And there are many interestingly built structures on the beach. None that one should live in(or go in for that matter). Let's just say, monkey girl knows an architect and a good builder when she sees one. And they don't build on this beach.
But they are beautiful to look at and the dog goes crazy when he finds people in them.

Most times we walk the entire length of the beach and find a quiet spot to stop, rest, relax, maybe read and watch the dog go nuts chasing the tide.

Being there always reminds monkey girl of her favorite beach. Makes her kinda home sick for California.
But she loves it up here too and doesn't want to move anytime soon(there's been quiet talk of another move and that's got her scared, but that's another post altogether).

After we packed up and headed home, the monkeys started arguing in the back seat, the dog started barking and monkey girl just sighed.

Guess the day was over and real life came screaming back...literally.


Jay Ferris said...

Discovery Park perhaps? That was always my favorite spot!

monkey girl said...

Discovery park is nice isn't it? But no, this beach is kinda of a secret place not many know about. ;)