Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Sometimes the filter that keeps what's in my head and what comes out my mouth is broken, or taking a nap.
Ok, well maybe more than sometimes. ;)
I think at times as we grow older that filter doesn't work as well as it should.
My Grammy's filter went on permanent hiatus when she turned 80.

If my filter worked like it should, I wouldn't be getting myself in so much trouble these days.

I almost wish I had that 10 second time delay like the networks use on live tv.
That way I could quickly edit myself before anyone notices.

And it's not that I say mean or unkind words...but my sarcasm doesn't usually go over as well as I'd hope.

When in doubt I'm going to keep quiet.
Something for me to remember when the relatives come and visit next month. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

I'm sort of looking forward to my filter being gone and being able to get away with it since I'm "older"! I'm so going to abuse that!!!

monkey girl said...

lol, Grammy gets away with murder really. Most of us grandkids figure she was so sweet for so many years that she's allowed a rude comment now and then. ;)
Thanks for reading,

mommapolitico said...

The Hubby says that the older I get, the lower my bullshit tolerance gets. It's like that line in Fried Green Tomatoes when the gal full-on rams the young thangs' car with hers: "Face it, girls: I'm older and I have more insurance!" Enjoy it, Ladies. With age may not come wisdom, but it definitely has its privileges. Ramble on, my Dear, ramble on.

monkey girl said...

so true, so true. Volunteering at a retirement home(knitting/stitching projects) has opened my eyes to the no filter after 75 crowd. All I can say is WOW.

guy who trapped monkey girl said...

My favorite quote is "... I've been good for 75 years. I'm done."

monkey girl said...

She was a riot wasn't she...and cursed up a storm that even made me blush.
Miss them.