Sunday, May 6, 2012

moving in together...

Monkey girl moved in with H less than three months of first meeting him.

Most of monkey girl's friends were more than a little worried for her.  It wasn't like monkey girl to be impulsive...and some even questioned her sanity a bit. 
How well do you really know him, they'd ask.  Monkey girl would just shrug her shoulders and smile.

Don't get me wrong, monkey girl had worries. 
...did he really want her to move in or was he just 'fixing' her living situation?
...what would happen when he wanted his own space? quickly would her heart be broken?
...did he just want a fuck buddy?
...the list could go on indefinitely really...

Worries aside there wasn't any other place monkey girl wanted to be. 
She had no experience living with someone...other than university roommates and even those experiences hadn't gone so well. 

When the time came though, monkey girl went with her gut.  It had never failed her in the past and her gut and heart seemed to be on the same page for once.

Monkey girl should always listen to her gut.


guy who trapped monkey girl said...

What???? Three months??? nah it was at least... had to be... must have been... damn... it was only three months. Huh....

Looking back those (sheeh) three months were such a whirlwind that I felt so "at home" with you that it could have been six weeks or six years.

Oh wait, I digress... I forgot my stock answer that I will always stick with... "we did it as a financial situation - my scholarship had the summer housing paid and you were in transition. Just helping you get started..."

But I did not mind that you were taking advantage of me...

BUT no kid of mine had better pull that kind of crap (that we did)!!!!!!

Crap that was a fun summer...

monkey girl said...

That was a VERY fun summer.
and I hardly took advantage of you. pul-leazze.