Monday, April 23, 2012

surely opposites attract...


"People aren't jigsaw puzzles.  Sometimes they can't fit into place until they rub up against each other, smoothing out all the rough edges." -from monkey girl's journal.

He's tall, i'm short
He's quiet, i babble
He's calm, i'm jittery
He's organized, i'm a scatter-brained...

He's unlike any other man i've known.

drug free(never even experimented....ever...geesh!)
can't/won't be lead around by his cock

I have a knack for reading people and he couldn't be read.   at all.

I'm not even sure the idea or look of us together made sense.
I was a hippie girl from California, kinda flighty but in a good way, sandals, tie dyed long john bottoms, some flowery top, bells around my ankles, with my long crazy hair everywhere completely unmanageable.  He was a high plains mid westerner...double major in one of the university's intense 5 year programs.

Sometimes I think my 'unmanageable-ness' was attractive to him. 
And His quietness and calmness was attractive to me.  

Thankfully he never took anything at face value.
Intrigued enough to dig deeper.

If I'm 100% honest with myself, He reminds me a lot of (my) Daddy.
Calm, slow to anger
sharp wit and humour
Left brained
Degree from same field all ways

Really they were cut from the same cloth.  Maybe it's a midwest thing as Daddy grew up in the midwest too.
Daddy was monkey girl's only stable parent.  The only one who showed her unconditional love.  The only person who listened to her and told her she was worth something.  Believed in her.

When Daddy became sick and eventually knew He was going to die, He sat monkey girl down and told her she had to be strong.  This did not seem possible.  He said he knew monkey girl was strong...that she'd also have strong people to help her thru this next stage in her life.  monkey girl didn't know He was talking about H then. 

Later, after Daddy died, H told monkey girl that he'd talked with Daddy and told Him that he'd take care of her. Promised him that he'd marry her before the end of year.

We'd talked about marriage before, but Daddy's illness put this on the back burner.  Really, monkey girl couldn't imagine walking down the isle without Daddy holding her hand.  Didn't wanna think of it really. 

Four months later, H and monkey girl eloped in a small front of no one(monkey girl even took photos of the empty pews).

Finally after four years, five months to the day...our two jigsaw pieces fit together.


monkey girl said...

The quote from my journal is an amalgam(and a poor one at that)of quotes I've read and written...can't think where this exact quote comes from and when researched couldn't find a thing regarding it.

guy who trapped monkeygirl said...

pffttt... you forgot two things: you were nuts, but cute.

Pearls and penny loafers would have been boring. Who wants that?