Thursday, April 19, 2012

how I met Hubby...

Hubby and I went to the same university.

I was a first year...He was a second.  It was early March 1988.

Now this university is quite small... only approx. 1200 pupils.
It looks very much like an ivy league school that was transplanted to California.

I had been dating someone on the water polo team.  He was very nice but really there wasn't much chemistry.  Leading up to the holiday break, things really just peetered out and eventually we just remained friends.

After returning from xmas holiday, I really tried to just stay focused on my studies...which was very difficult for me.  I tend to get easily distracted, and that's an understatement of mega proportions. 

Sometime after valentine's day, a boy from the swim team asked me out on a date.
Well, actually he had a girl approach me in the dining hall to see if I was interested in him and if I'd be interested in going out.  It was really rather funny and I sat there kinda giggling.  It felt very jr. high really...and kinda sweet.
I said yes, if he wanted to ask me out on a date that was fine.  Apparently she reported back to him and he eventually asked me out for the next Friday nite.

The date was nice.  He took me to a nice restaurant...was extremely polite...however, I knew immediately that I didn't have any feelings for him other than friendship.

I seriously worried myself sick thru the evening wondering what I was going to do if he tried to kiss me.

When he drove me back to my dorm, he got out, opened my door, walked me to my dorm entrance, thanked me and kissed my cheek.
Good lordy was I relieved.

A couple of weeks go by and I don't hear from him...I dogged the bullitt I thought and was relieved.

Then one Monday evening he and 2 of his friends showed up unexpectedly at my dorm room.
They came in, introductions were made, and we started talking.

Now, one of his friends was Hubby.
I'd never seen Him before on campus.

I was instantly attracted to Him.  Seriously, Bam... it hit me in the gut.
My dorm room was tiny.  I was sitting on my bed, kinda under my covers...even though I was fully dressed.  The 3 of them were sitting on my floor.

We talked for hours...the night wore on.  He didn't say much, rather quiet actually.  His gaze felt very penetrating though...and I slid deeper under my bed sheets.
When He remembers this night, me hiding under the bed sheets, it's something He always seems to remember fondly.  Apparently my hiding intrigued Him.

Honestly, I don't remember hiding that much under my blankets...but He has assured me that by the time the other 2 boys decided to leave, I was balled up in the corner of my bed wrapped tightly in my blankets.
Apparently, He thought this was cute.  He's a little weird.

After His friends left, He asked me if I wanted Him to leave...I said no(this was probably whispered).

He stayed and we continued to talk.  He asked me if I wanted to go for a walk and I agreed.  It must have been very close to midnight.
We walked over to the education buildings and sat on some swings.

Now seriously, I don't remember what we talked  The chemistry was overwhelming.  It was so heady you could feel it maybe even touch it, hold it.  He stared into me...and this made me very nervous.
I think He found this rather being so obviously nervous.

I didn't think it was all that amusing...I was a fucking wreck.

Now what I didn't know was, that His friend that had taken me out on the date, actually still liked me.  Apparently, he'd brought Hubby and his other friend to meet her and check her out.  So He tells me that although He was very much attracted to me, He was very conflicted.

It was getting late and He said He would walk me back to my dorm.

When we were about 50 feet from my dorm, He grabbed my hand and pulled me toward Him and started to kiss me.  Serious kissing...full on making out.  It was hot.  He's a very good kisser.

We did this for about 15-20 minutes...and then He stopped  I was kinda
He walked me to the door, kissed me on the cheek and told me to hurry on and get to bed...yeah, like I'd be able to sleep now...thanks.

End of Day One


guy who trapped monkeygirl said...

"I really tried to just stay focused on my studies..."

Ha ha ha ha

You were hiding under the covers like a spider in her den waiting to pounce on the poor unsuspecting country boy... Snap - he was gone in her trance.

We showed up after dinner and I and no idea where we were going at all. He had so many "first dates" that never materialized into anything other than a kiss on the cheek that I was not sure if you were the most resent date or one from last year.

Oh well... Had I been wiser to the world, I would have seen the trap that I voluntarily (and would do again) walked into...

Monkey Girl said...


Wow you've never in 20+ years of remembering this nightarsus that you thought I was waiting to trap you. Hmmm, very interesting, and considering your anonymous profile name that you've used since 2008, I think kinda interesting. But then again, I know you also like to tease me that I was the one who corrupted you....which always makes me laugh.

Can't wait to see you. It's 4am and you know how hard it is for me to sleep without you in the bed. Almost slept on the couch last night thinking I might sleep better but then knew better, it probably wouldn't of helped any as the night noises in the family room scare me.

love your monkey girl. xxoo

Monkey Girl said...

*nightarus*. lol

boy I am tired.

Monkey Girl said...

hmmm, now that i'm not so tired and seeing double...

how many 'other girls' did he take you to meet before me?

i don't remember you mentioning the 3 of you would meet/check-out/whatever his potential girls before.

hmmm, interesting.

you=unsuspecting country boy....yeah, right. lol