Tuesday, April 24, 2012

her reputation...

H told me years later that he'd heard rumours about me from others on the water polo team at university.

Apparently, monkey girl had a reputation.  Rumours that little hippie monkey girl went down on multiple guys...regular threesomes interrupted only by fire alarms in dorms. Tall stories about monkey girl's sluttiness.

H told her he hadn't put the "reputation and monkey girl" together as the same until someone mentioned it to him.  He doubted these rumours.  Couldn't see how a girl who hid under her sheets and had trouble answering direct questions could be the same sex crazed maniac they were all talking about.

And even though our relationship became intensely sexual almost immediately, my obvious inexperience only cemented his belief that "the reputation of monkey girl" was hardly true or warranted.

In truth, his experience greatly outweighed monkey girl's.   
His experience led monkey girl to fits of jealousy, and feelings of worthlessness.
What monkey girl didn't realize was that her lack of experience was attractive to him.  Made her sexiness seem more real and authentic to him.

I pondered over this last weekend...after asking H if i could grind on his leg while we spent Saturday in bed.  By then H was tired, obviously I wasn't.  ;)   He smiled(it's a smirk really) and said yes, and i thought, boy i've really grown to embrace my sluttiness.  thank god cause it felt sooo good. 

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