Sunday, April 15, 2012

Firmly Planted

As both Hubby and I become firmly planted in middle age *gasp* the winds they are a changing.

Oldest Monkey applied for and was accepted to every university she applied to...*another gasp*

It's truly hard to wrap my head around the fact that she will be graduating in approx. 6 weeks, enjoy a quick summer and then leave for college.

Seriously people, where did the last 18-20 years go? I'm not kidding, where did they go?

Every night, when Hubby and I lay in bed to discuss the day, week and other musings, I am awed at how blessed we truly are.

Every day I look at oldest Monkey and see myself standing there at 18 just ready to finally be free, however when I look really closely, I see that she's only one year younger than I was when I met Hubby at university.

And I freak out.

On other news, the winds they are a definitely changing.

Hubby is all of a sudden crazy busy at work, seriously I'm worried.
He's been in New York for the last 5 out of 8 weeks. Now, these were two separate trips, mind you but really 5 weeks?!?

Hubby has been working essentially from home for the last 7 years. Yes, he flies off to meetings, must pop into the main office once in awhile, but really he's been home.

This has been heaven for me(for US), literally.

So as you can imagine all of a sudden to be back where we were before we moved from California to the Northwest, I'm in a bit of a state of panic.

You see, Hubby used to travel for work over 50%(really closer to 75%) of the time...and we hated it.
It was the whole reason we moved. We were tired of all existing on different time zones, countries, etc...plainly said, it sucked.

Hubby texted me on Thursday that being 'gone' again may not be able to be avoided.
I groaned.

I was glad he texted first, instead of called, as I know he worries about my stability while he's gone...and really I didn't want to give him more to worry about already. He's been working like a dog and miserable.

So I wasn't surprised when he asked me on Friday to start seeing my therapist again.



guy who traped monkeygirl said...

Pssstttt... I'm gonna quit.

Plus with your menopause, I definitely know your love will keep us warm.

Monkey Girl said...


current body temp. today 100.7F.
bet you've been freezing for the last week.


your monkey girl