Thursday, January 29, 2009

Help, my husband has fallen and can't get up...

Well, he hasn't fallen but he did manage to throw his back out over the x-mas holiday.

No, not sickos, shoveling the fucking snow off our sidewalk. So, while your minds were in the gutter (at least mine was) he was literally in the gutter trying to keep our driveway and sidewalk clear. He didn't want any of the neighbor kids to slip and fall. The irony.

Now, he's always led me to believe he's the 'Man of Steel' but I'm starting to have my doubts. Maybe it's the hobbling around the house all hunched over like he's 80 instead of 41. Poor boy. I offered to get him a walker (tennis balls and all), but he promptly flipped me an obscene finger gesture. Guess the walker is out.

So, a week from Monday, I'm taking the old man to the Spinal Clinic in Seattle and hopefully they'll whip him back into shape. Literally.

So, sex is out for a little while, at least. I don't want to break the poor boy.