Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Sandman visited me...

I haven't been getting any good sleep lately.

I know this is a common complaint of many Lyme sufferers. It's been explained to me as the lyme bacteria and co-infection parasites keeping the body in constant warrior mode and therefore never letting my poor body get enough deep sleep to properly recuperate.

I like to think of it as...hundreds of millions little bugs circulating throughout my body constantly poking me with a big stick so I'm unable to sleep. Not a pleasant picture, but it works for me.

My little critters are having a royal party and totaling taking advantage of my hospitality.
Those little fuckers.

Well, my doctor finally prescribed me something to literally knock me out.

Last night, I took one of the pills.

Fast forward to this morning.

"Honey, did we have sex last night?"

"Yes, babe we did."

"Whaaaaaaaaaat, are you fucking kidding me?"

"Ahhhh, no."

"Was it good? Cause I don't remember a thing."

"You're joking, right?"


Apparently, I jumped my husband last night, ordered dvds and calendars from Barnes and, and still got 10 hours of sleep.

And I don't remember a damn thing.

I can already hear my husband as he's shaking the pill bottle with a big cheesy grin,

"Here's your nightly pill, Honey, let me get you a glass of water."


Jen said...

Oh my goodness!! haha.. Hope the books and calendars you ordered were good ones! I'm sure my husband would love some of those pills for me if he caught wind of that.

But, at least you got a badly needed night of sleep. :D

Alberto Bryant IV said...

Was your sleep at least enjoyable?
I used to have that monkey picture on my blog as well, but i don't remember where i found the picture.
I have the urge to say something randy about the monkey as well...on second thought maybe i shouldn't say it.
i like your blog i thought it was funny.

Monkey Girl said...

Jen and Alberto,

I did get some very needed sleep. I'm alittle freaked out that I had conservations and sex with my husband and I don't remember a thing. The only thing he said that clued him in that something was wrong was when I asked whether we we're in Peru yet. What the hell? That's scary!

mommapolitico said...

Scary, but, hey, sometimes a girl has gotta get some sleep - amnesiac sex be damned! :) I was having some horrible migraines a few years ago...many meds, incompetent young HMO doc, long story...but the result was that I decided to take a low dose antidepressant, as the research indicate it might help. Great thing is, I sleep better (no lost sex...that I know of...)and it has the extra added benefit of lessening the desire to beat The Hubby senseless around that time of the month. You can bet he makes sure I take my pill, MG!
Sleep well, no matter what it takes. Email me if you want the name of the antidepressant-I highly recommend it as an aid to a happy marriage! ;)

Monkey Girl said...

Have the anti-depressants made you gain weight though? A couple of friends take low doses too, however they complain about the weight gain...and god knows I'm already depressed about my health issues I don't need to add weight gain to the mix. I'll go completely insane. I've never understood why they can't invent an anti-depressant that doesn't make you gain about an anti-depressant that makes you LOSE WEIGHT!!! No one would be depressed then.
I am curious, but I don't see an e-mail link on your website. Let me know.

Alberto Bryant IV said...

Have you been to Peru with this husband?
Happy New year!

Monkey Girl said...


ha.ha. Not this husband. Maybe my imaginary husband, maybe you've seen him...Mr. Hugh Jackman.
Happy New Year to you too!!

Waldo said...

Did he offer a Vodka chaser for the pills????

Monkey Girl said...

Actually, I've been off alcohol for 255 days, but who's counting. My doctor says I can't mix my antibiotics and my nightly cocktail until treatment is over. :( If it weren't for that, I know my loving husband would be rocking the martini shaker for me.
It's a pitiful existence really, a life without alcohol.

mommapolitico said...

Hey, thanks for pointing out the email link (or lack thereof)! I'll jump on that.
I really don't think any weight I've gained can be attributed to the anti-depressant. Chocolate, yes. Stress, yes! Being over 40, absolutely!!! It just doesn't burn off like it used to-have to work twice as hard. Man, that sucks. But I don't think there's a correlation in my case, but the dosage is extremely low. I'm just delighted not to have migraines interfering with my life anymore. Better living through chemistry, eh?

mommapolitico said...
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Monkey Girl said...

"Chocolate, yes. Stress, yes! Being over 40, absolutely!!! It just doesn't burn off like it used to-have to work twice as hard."

I totally agree with all of the above.
Plus, I couldn't live the life I'm leading without pharmaceuticals. Period. They are saving my life and I'm a very grateful woman.
Thanks for the info!!

Alberto Bryant IV said...

Hugh Jackman is a handsome man, but he's not my type.
But whatever works for you!
Have you been to Peru before?