Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Sandman visited me...

I haven't been getting any good sleep lately.

I know this is a common complaint of many Lyme sufferers. It's been explained to me as the lyme bacteria and co-infection parasites keeping the body in constant warrior mode and therefore never letting my poor body get enough deep sleep to properly recuperate.

I like to think of it as...hundreds of millions little bugs circulating throughout my body constantly poking me with a big stick so I'm unable to sleep. Not a pleasant picture, but it works for me.

My little critters are having a royal party and totaling taking advantage of my hospitality.
Those little fuckers.

Well, my doctor finally prescribed me something to literally knock me out.

Last night, I took one of the pills.

Fast forward to this morning.

"Honey, did we have sex last night?"

"Yes, babe we did."

"Whaaaaaaaaaat, are you fucking kidding me?"

"Ahhhh, no."

"Was it good? Cause I don't remember a thing."

"You're joking, right?"


Apparently, I jumped my husband last night, ordered dvds and calendars from Barnes and, and still got 10 hours of sleep.

And I don't remember a damn thing.

I can already hear my husband as he's shaking the pill bottle with a big cheesy grin,

"Here's your nightly pill, Honey, let me get you a glass of water."

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays to all...

We've been socked in with snow this entire week.
We're as close to sea level as you can get without getting wet, and yet, we got over a foot of fluffy white snow yesterday.

Lots of sitting by the fire.
Lots of games of monopoly and scrabble.
Lots of knitting.

It's wonderfully peaceful.

From my family to yours,

We wish you a wonderful holiday and a happy and healthy New Year.

Best Wishes for 2009,

Monkey Girl and her family

Monday, December 8, 2008

Just bend over and relax...

Sooooo.....on Friday, I went in for my first (in a loooooong series) bicillin shot!! Aren't you excited? Aren't you jealous?? These shots are supposed to be the 'big guns' to fight my Lyme infection. I opted for them instead of putting in a permanent IV. Seemed easier and less intrusive. 3 shots a week! Yippee! So, the Hubby and I took the shot to my lyme doctor, so she could show him the ropes. Nothing is quite as satisfying as bending over, letting my doctor draw a big triangle on my ass with a sharpie and letting my husband poke me with a very large and very thick needle. And you know what? I think he really enjoyed it. Sick bastard. I just know he can't wait until Monday afternoon.