Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is my karma f*@ked?

Scene One:

The year is 1976 and I'm camping with my girl scout troop. A lost grasshopper finds it's way into my tent. I use a whole can of bug spray and kill the grasshopper. (Insert sad music here)

Scene Two:

It's now 2008. I'm sitting in my doctor's office as she tells me I'm suffering from a disease. A multi-systemic disease that is caused by the bite of a BUG. (Insert Jaws theme music here)

Is this karma coming back and kicking me in the ass?


Lesson learned:

Never go camping.


Jay said...

Wow. You must be ticked off!

I'm sorry for that.

Jen said...

How crazy is that! Do you have Lyme disease? Me and my son both got attacked by a tick over the past couple of months. Must be the year for them!

Ryan said...

Bugs are horrible things. I say we gather a posse and get you some payback.

monkey girl said...

Jay - :)

Jen - yep, I've got Lyme and it only took 8+ years for the doctors to find it!

Ryan - I agree, bugs are horrible. I don't buy into the whole 'catch and release' plan...I say, if they come into my house they're days are numbered.

Jen said...

Really? How long have you been experiencing any symptoms?

mommapolitico said...

Yeah, camping has its place. Bugs do not. The Hubby is a "catch and release" guy. Drives us all nuts! My dear frined says the only way to go camping is to set up camp within a few miles of a hotel. When the kids have gone to bed, you go sack out at the hotel and leave your husband with the kids. You then come back at dawn, fix the breakfast over the open fire, and are rested and relaxed for the day.
I'll be going to Cub Scout Camp this summer. Will keep you posted. I hope they have cabins...guss who's bringing industrial strength Raid? :)

monkey girl said...

jen - 8+ years...I've had a fever for the last 3 yrs, and every doctor I saw didn't know what was wrong until this last year.

mommap - yea, my hubby is a 'catch and release' type, it sucks cause most times he loses the spider and it gets away. Personally, I use the vacuum.